Thursday, July 08, 2010

Life recently

Best buds.

Sweet girl.
Hello! this is what i saw when i peered down the hall from the kitchen just when i was thinking, "hmm, it's too quiet out there." Yup.
We got a mini trampoline for Phoebe's bday.
This is about the extent to which she has used and enjoyed it. Now it's back on Craigslist. Ha!
Father and son bonding time over XBOX.
Such a cutie.

Daily yoga via Netflix. We start them young.
A daily event - Phoebe coming down with a pair of my "high wheels" on.

Lots of hanging out by the hot tub with our friends!
Serenading Phoebe.
Rachel and Steve came to visit! (And so did Anna and Eric and John, but we didn't get pictures of them for some reason.) We had a great time together - we miss them lots!

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