Thursday, September 28, 2006

A Little About Us...

Sarah was born and raised in Northern Virginia. I, Levi, was born in Chicago, but was raised as a missionary kid in Japan from the age of 1. Sarah and I met in Japan during December of 2002, and about a month later, we started dating long distance. We dated long distance for 2 years, after which I moved to Harrisonburg, VA, where Sarah lived while attending JMU. About six months later we were engaged, and then four months later we got married in October of 2005.

Currently, Sarah and I are living in Harrisonburg. Sarah is working as a kindergarten aid at a classical education school. Sarah's gentleness and love for children has made her a big help with the kindergarten class. I currently work as a counselor at the mental health unit of Rockingham Memorial Hospital.

Sarah and I plan on moving to California in the summer of 2007. Soon after doing so, I have plans to begin graduate school to pursue a PhD in Psychology at Rosemead School of Psychology. We do not know specifically what we will be doing after I finish grad school, however we have hopes of doing counseling to missionaries overseas somewhere, possibly in Japan. We praise the Lord for His is faithfulness and for the assurance that He will lead us step by step!