Friday, March 26, 2010

Life recently

We found this awesome park about 20 mins from our house. The playground is on an island and has little houses with playgrounds built inside. The kids loved it!

Love Phoebe's expression! Ha!

The sad part about this photo is that because it was being taken, the photographer forgot to catch what was coming down the slide! He was not very happy. Oops...

Clara, Lena, Phoebe and Max in the pool!

Sweet Max:)
Phoebe let me straighten her hair! About 6 hours later it was back to ringlets though!

Eating ice cream from a mini tea cup while bathing in the sink. Not a regular occurrence, i assure you.
Mommy's shoes!

She's so into shoes these days.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy birthday, Max-Man!

Forgot i had a few photos still on our camera that weren't lost! Max turned ONE on March 2nd, and we celebrated three times - once with a family breakfast, once with a few of our Rosemead friends, and once with Phoebe's friends, who are by default, Max's friends. I didn't know this when i decided to do a Cat In The Hat theme, that is was actually Dr. Seuss day! Max was so cute when we would sing happy birthday to him because he became very bashful. He's turn away and just look at us out of the corner of his eye until we were done. Happy belated birthday, big boy! We love you so much and you are so thankful for your life!

Little party favors i made for the little girls who came to his celebration.

They're sunglasses pouches! (Not Cat In The Hat related at all, obviously.)

I think this picture of the pizza is upside down.. oh well.
We'll just say Phoebe decorated the cake.;)

The girls playing "School" under the table.

The girls stylin' their shades! (Max had gone to bed long ago at this point.) These are Phoebe's bestest friends, by the way. They go to preschool together. Penny, Phoebe, Lena and Clara (she's Max's buddy who is 4 months older.)

Friday, March 12, 2010

So sad

Our computer crashed a few days ago! Our hard drive has been replaced but as of now, we have lost all our pictures (from our wedding, Phoebe's birth/life, Max's birth/first year - all of them!) Our old hard drive is being worked on, so hopefully they can be recovered. We're praying hard that they'll be salvaged!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's too quiet back there...

So this afternoon i was chatting it up with my mom on the phone for about 20 mins and she asked what the kids were up to. I told her lately they have been doing so well playing together and keeping one another entertained. "Like right now, they're playing quietly in their room together! It's GREAT! I can really see myself getting used to this stage of parenting!" I was abruptly interrupted with screams, so i promptly said goodbye and went to investigate. When i opened the closet door i found THIS. What you can't see in the photo, is the small piles of poop in different areas of the closet, smeared on important papers (taken out of the filing cabinet), and smeared on the wall. Phoebe was completely naked, and Max was just hanging out, toddling around like nothing was wrong. I don't know why they were screaming. I'm glad they did, i can't imagine what else they would have gotten into if i hadn't come in when i did. Sigh.