Friday, July 18, 2008

Date Nights

Every Thursday, the Chases, Lookabills and us rotate babysitting for eachother so that the other two couples can go on a date. It has been wonderful, both going on the date and babysitting the little rug rats. Two Thursdays ago it was our turn to babysit, and it was one of best nights we had with the kids. They were all in terrific moods and had so much fun with eachother. I think it is such a wonderful blessing that we all can be so involved in the hearts and lives of eachother's children and to be able to see them grow into the unique individuals that God created them to be. We love these kids so much, and they are so precious to us.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Phoebe & Liam's 1 Year Birthday Party!

Saturday we celebrated Phoebe and Liam's 1 year birthday party. A lot of
people came and we all had a great time....except Phoebe. She was a
little tired and overwhelmed a good part of the time, but she caught her
second wind towards the end and started to be in a better mood. I'll try
to post a couple pictures soon, but in the mean time, follow this link
to my facebook album of their party.