Monday, January 25, 2010

wedding cake

I made a little cake topper for a friend of mine who had an adorable casual wedding reception in a barn this past weekend. So here are some pics! It was very time-consuming but i had so much fun with it. While i was making it I thought i wanted really wanted to get into the business cause i was having so much fun, but after it was all completed, i realized no, i definitely don't want to do cake-decorating for a career.:)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost walking!

Our little man is so close to walking! He's gets very excited when he takes a couple steps and laughs at himself, then falls down. So cute.

Christmas in Virginia!

So it's been FOREVER since we've posted on the blog. I know i know. But life's been busy. So here's a little glimpse of our time in VA.
Phoebe with some old friends - Noa and Martha Noll! Such a fun reunion!
Grandpa Boyes came from PA to spend Christmas with us!

A birthday cake for Jesus

Having tea with Nana!

Playing the piano with Uncle Eric

Christmas sweaters!

We had a GREAT time!